Cambridge Consultants is a world-class product development and technology consulting firm, specialising in helping clients achieve the seemingly impossible.

Our expert engineers, scientists, mathematicians and designers tackle more than 300 challenging projects each year for companies throughout Asia, Europe and the US. Our clients can be small, innovative start-ups or large blue-chip organisations. But what they have in common is bold ambition to break new ground and gain competitive advantage through disruptive innovation.

Widely seen as a founding father of the Cambridge technology cluster in the UK, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation for nearly 60 years. Our contribution includes a string of world firsts ranging from the first wireless implanted cardiac pacing system for heart failure patients to the first ‘mixed mode’ (digital and analogue) ground-to-air radio system controlling air traffic over the majority of the planet. We’ve also spun out more than 20 successful start-ups, including four which have grown to become billion-dollar firms. One such spin-out is CSR (formerly known as Cambridge Silicon Radio), which originated single-chip Bluetooth technology and was acquired for $2.7bn by Samsung and Qualcomm.

As well as medical technology and wireless communications, our work includes consumer products, industrial developments, oil and gas technology, and digital health breakthroughs. Our varied mix of skills and industry expertise creates a unique melting pot of innovation. For our clients, this translates into a faster time to market, an increased return on product development investment and lower risk. We have all the in-house skills and facilities needed to help clients through the entire development process – from creating innovative concepts all the way to taking products into manufacturing.

For more than a decade, we have grown every year and we now have a global workforce of 750. In the last three years alone, we have doubled the scale of our US East Coast presence in Boston; acquired the 140-strong Synapse product development business on the West Coast of the US; and opened sales offices in Singapore and Japan; as well as growing our UK facilities.