“A real honor to speak at Hello Tomorrow! An exhaustive program and a unique atmosphere that fostered creativity, genuine exchanges and valuable connections.”
DEMIS HASSABISFounder & CEO at DeepMind
“A multitude of dynamic, young and very smart people. Their energy and enthusiasm for making a real impact in the world was really exciting and inspiring to see.”
DIRK AHLBORNCEO at Hyperloop Transportation Technologies

“This is the sort of place that people across Asia are looking to get a sense of where things are going to be in the next 10-20 years.”

Dean BakerCo-director at Center for Economic and Policy
“At Hello Tomorrow, I actually see a community of highly intelligent young minds that are focused on building tomorrow. this is very exciting! There are all sorts of ideas from Artificial Intelligence to eating crickets, it’s about re-inventing our relationship to the planet and building new kinds of relationships.”
RICK TUMLINSONFounder & Chairman at Deep Space Industries
“Technological and scientific advances happen increasingly rapidly. Moving these adavances to the market where appropriate requires major effort in interfacing the worlds of research and product development. Hello Tomorrow provides such an interface in a tantalizing setting.”
Sijbrand de JongPresident of Council at CERN
“Entrepreneurship is by definition a lonely pursuit: Armed with an idea, the entrepreneur seeks to change the way everyone else in the world thinks and works. Hello Tomorrow’s support and inspiration provides a much needed boost to these individuals while providing a forum to let them know: You are not alone.”
Jerry SandersFormer Chairman & CEO at SkyTran
“I think that the ALC conference is an important vehicle allowing country leaders or presidents to get together in a unique position of privilege to discuss new technologies in the ecology.”
BERNARD WERBERAuthor of 'The Ants trilogy'
“A unique event where the brightest minds from the science and entrepreneurship ecosystem meet to build the future.”
MICHAEL BLOOMBERGFounder & CEO at Bloomberg
“This summit is really top edge and is the only event, which really helps and understands high-tech start-ups.”
PATRICK NATHENCo-Founder at Lilium Aviation
“Hello Tomorrow is the Davos of science and entrepreneurship.”
STEVE BROWNFuturist at Intel
“It brings the vision of the future to the reality of today.”