Hello Tomorrow Korea 2017

Deep-Tech Startup Challenge Application Portal



This is your “private” application portal. To start your application process, create an account below. If you already have a younoodle account, then you can login with the same account information. The younoodle application portal powering this application form is SSL encrypted, so your information is safe!

All Hello Tomorrow Staff, key innovation partners and judges Globally and in Korea, who may have access to your information in order to review and judge your application must have signed NDAs, adding extra protection for your confidential information! Alternatively, to apply directly via younoodle, click here.


Technology built upon a major scientific or technological breakthrough, such as artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, drones, VR / AR, etc. Going beyond just digital “tech”.


Strongly recommended

To be considered for the “Global Challenge” in Paris, your application must be in English. Product videos, “not pitch videos” may be uploaded in Korean if no English videos are available.


Can I apply for the Korean Challenge Only? Can I apply in Korean?

Yes. If you are applying only for the “Korea Challenge”, then you may apply and pitch on stage in Korean at the Korean Challenge in Seoul and the live conference interpreter will interpret your pitch into English for the judges and audience. We are making an allowance for this, so that great projects are not lost in labs, but also get the opportunity for exposure in Korea. However, if you are able to make plans to do everything in English, then we strongly recommend that you do so. Korean only applications are not advised, unless you have “no other choice”. Please note that most judges do not speak or read Korean.


Do I have to complete the application form in one sitting?

No. You can save your application form at anytime and come back to complete it, as your time allows. This also allows you to view the questions and share them with your team before you submit your final application. IMPORTANT: Just be sure to Submit your completed application before the 1st June 2017!!!


I find the questions hard. Should I still try to apply?

Everyone finds the questions hard! In 2016, Korea had the highest ratio of “well submitted” applications Globally. The applications questions are designed to not be easy, but we encourage you to do your best! Hello Tomorrow Global is considered the highest calibre competition in the world for science entrepreneurship and deep tech. For this reason, we need to be sure that the projects we choose are the best in the world, and therefore, we encourage you to provide all materials that validates your project, especially patents and publications and equivalent validating materials. All the Hello Tomorrow Teams and Judges must sign an NDA before being able to review your provide and confidential information. This provides you with some extra protection for your confidentially shared information. As fellow researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and scientists, we highly respect that you have worked hard to achieve what your have.



In order for us to accept your application, you must first hit SUBMIT APPLICATION at the end of the process form. Sometime applicants forget to hit the final submit button. Even if you complete your application, but do not yet submit, we will not be able to add your application to the first judging round.


Good Luck!