Anton Moskalenkov

Head of International Office at Agency for Strategic Initiatives

Anton Moskalenkov was born in Astrakhan in 1984. In 2007 he graduated summa cum laude from Moscow State Institute for International Relations (MGIMO University), School of International Journalism. Cofounder and first President of Russian Public Relations Student Society (RASSO). In 2007-2009 – Director-General of «Gurov & Associates» Communications Group. In 2009-2010 – Public Relations director of MGIMO University. In 2010-2012 – Public Relations Director of Maxwell Asset Management. In 2012 – joined the team of Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), since 2014 – head of ASI International office.

Member of Russian Public Relations Society.

모스칼렌코프 본부장은 모스크바 국제관계대학(MGIMO) 이후 동 대학 공보과장과 러시아 금융기업인 맥스웰 자산운용社를 거쳐 2014년부터 연방정부 전략이니셔티브청의 국제사업 본부장에 임명됐다.