Bernard Werber

Author of 'The Ants trilogy'

After studying law and criminology in Toulouse, Mr. Bernard Werber went to the ESJ (Ecole supérieure de journalisme) in Paris. He signed his first articles in a Cambrai paper covering news in brief, weather, weddings and social events of all kinds, before winning a prize awarded by the News Foundation for the best young reporter. It financed his first big foreign report. The subject was: the dreaded magnan ants of the Ivory Coast. When he came back, he started working freelance (L’Evénement, Le Point, VSD…) until he took over the science column in the Nouvel Observateur, where he stayed for 7 years. His investigation of the magnan ants was to inspire his first novel published in 1991: Les Fourmis, an instant success in France and throughout the world, especially in Korea and Russia. That success was to increase with every new book (they number more than twenty today: novels, short stories and plays…). Mr. Werber’s books have been translated into thirty languages and have sold more than 20 million copies throughout the world.