Cho Joohee

Chief and Correspondent of ABC News Seoul Bureau

Ms. Joohee Cho is ABC News’ Seoul bureau chief and reporter covering the Korean peninsula. In this role she contributes on- and off-air reporting to all ABC News broadcasts, ABC News Radio and ABC NewsOne, the network’s affiliate news service, and also regularly files for ABC News’ digital platforms, including, ABC News NOW and ABC News’ webcasts. In 2008, Ms. Cho was the first and only network journalist to report from inside Myanmar following the devastating cyclone that ravaged the country. Since joining ABC News in 1999 as a producer in the Seoul bureau, Ms. Cho has contributed reporting to all ABC News broadcasts and platforms, including “World News,” “Nightline” and “Good Morning America.” She also contributed reporting to the award-winning primetime hour, “North Korea: Inside the Shadows,” anchored by Diane Sawyer. Among the stories Ms. Cho has covered are the nuclear crisis in the Korean peninsula, the Korean stem cell scandal, the opening of Gaesong Industrial Park, the historic North-South Korean Summit in 2000 and the 2002 World Cup soccer games. Additionally she has traveled to many North Korean cities, including Pyongyang, Shinpo, Mt. Kumkang and Gaesong, and has interviewed hundreds of North Korean refugees. Ms. Cho’s broadcasting career began in 1994 at Asia Business News based in Singapore, which later merged with CNBC Asia. From 2004-06, she was an anchor for several news magazine programs on Korean networks, including “Sisa Tonight Live” on KBS, “Media Watch” on EBS and “Power of Women” on MBC. Ms. Cho was part of the ABC News team recognized with a Gracie Award from the Association of Women in Radio & Television for “North Korea: Inside the Shadows.” A graduate of Georgetown University in Washington DC, Ms. Cho received both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Foreign Service. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in political communication and lecturer at Yonsei University in Seoul.

조주희 국장은 한반도 지역을 담당하는 ABC 뉴스 서울지부의 지국장이다. 2008년 아시아의 미얀마를 초토화시켰던 태풍 ‘나르기스’ 현장을 집중 보도해 주목 받았다. 1999년 프로듀서로 ABC서울지국에 입사한 그는 ‘월드뉴스’ ‘나이트라인’ ‘굿모닝어메리카’ 등 주요 황금시간대에 방영하는 프로그램에서 활약했다. 인기 방송 ‘북한: 그림자 안에서’를 공동 기획했다. 조 국장은 한반도의 북핵위기, 개성공단, 2002년 남북정상회담 등을 취재했다. 평양, 신포, 금강산 개성 등을 돌며 북한 내부를 깊숙히 조명했다. 조 국장은 1994년 싱가포르 매체인 아시아 경제뉴스에서 언론 생활을 시작했다. 조지타운대학에서 이학 석사 과정을 마쳤다.