Daniel Goldin

Former Nasa Chief / Founder & CEO at KnuEdge

After an illustrious career leading large government and industry organizations, Dan Goldin finds great satisfaction in running his own company. Prior to founding KnuEdge, Dan was the longest tenured NASA Chief, serving across three presidential administrations and leading the agency through its renaissance. His accomplishments read like a Harvard Business Review case study in successful execution: For instance, as NASA Chief he guided the redesign and delivered the International Space Station, initiated bold robotic exploration of Mars, formed the Astrobiology Institute to better understand the origin, evolution and destiny of life in the universe, and without incident put a record number of people into space, all while reducing the agency’s planned budget by 33%. In founding KnuEdge, Dan decided to focus on neuro-biologically-based technology, and joined the Neurosciences Institute in San Diego as a Senior Fellow, to learn Neuroscientific principles from Nobel Prize winner Dr. Gerald Edelman. He then organized a group of private investors who were willing to engage in a long technology development phase that would enable truly “swing for the fences” breakthrough innovations.