Dmitry Selitskiy

Founder & CEO at Thought-Wired

Dmitry Selitskiy is the founder & CEO of Thought-Wired. Thought-Wired is a New Zealand-based hi-tech social enterprise start-up creating nous™. nous™ uses brain-sensing technology (also known as brain-computer interface) to allow people with disabilities to communicate. Dmitry founded Thought-Wired in 2012 with the vision of making the world accessible to everybody. Since then he led the Thought-Wired team from the early concept stage through challenges of creating world’s first technology, securing funding for it and growing the team, to preparing for commercial launch of nous™ later in 2017.
Dmitry frequently speaks at conference and events on the topics of consumer brain-sensing technology, accessibility and technology startups, in general. Prior to diving in full-time with Thought-Wired Dmitry had accumulated 5 years of experience in the IT industry including business and systems analysis, systems architecture and implementation, and project management. He holds a Bachelor of Business and Information Management and Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Information Systems from University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Thought-Wired is an Auckland-based (New Zealand) hi-tech social enterprise start-up creating nous™. nous™ uses brain-sensing technology (also known as brain-computer interface) to allow people with disabilities to communicate. For people who can not move or speak, the communication options currently available are either prohibitively expensive or ineffective. Thought-Wired aims to make the world accessible to everyone – starting with communication. The nous™ software works with a brain-sensing headband and a computer or mobile device. The headband registers brain activity. The software teaches the user to control their thought patterns and select options, such as yes or no, on a computer screen. The first version of nous™ will be ready for commercial launch in 2017, after years of testing and refining the technology. In the longer term, the possibilities for nous™ are endless. Any app or computer programme you can imagine could be controlled using nous™, from home automation to motorised wheelchairs. In 2016 Thought-Wired were the winners of the Visa’s Everywhere Initiative and were the finalists in the New Zealand Innovation Awards and the worldwide Top 500 Hello Tomorrow Challenge.