Erica Yoon

CEO & Board Member of SmartCity Korea

Erica Yoon is CEO and board member of SmartCity Korea, which is the largest joint cooperation project between the Republic of Korea and the Dubai government and will be one of the world’s biggest 4th industrial revolution global platforms, combining the ICT competitiveness of Korea with the Smart City development expertise of Dubai.

SmartCity Korea is envisioned as a stage where global advanced companies and R&D centers related to the 4th industrial revolution; domestic and international start-ups with innovative ideas; and universities specializing in future industries will converge in a new city development of tomorrow, making technology a livable component of a better life.

Since the early 2000s, Erica has promoted inter-company and inter-governmental relationships between Korea and the Middle East, from having established the first Foreign Direct Investment company in the mega-development sector from the UAE in Korea, to advising local government projects with her Middle East partners.

Having lived in Washington, D.C. for over two decades, she is dedicated to the strengthening of Korean-American politics having established and served as Vice Chairman of the Korean-American Women’s Chamber of Commerce.

SmartCity Korea is the first development project of this scale that is collaboration between the Korean and Dubai Government (Dubai Holding), creating a new milestone to be the world’s first 4th Industrial Revolution-based Future City, a platform for Future Industries led by the Future Workforce, combining Korea’s advanced IT capabilities and Dubai’s experience in developing smart cities. SmartCity Korea is a future self-sufficient city where Work, Create, Learn, Play, and Live are combined with Future Technology Infrastructure. SmartCity Korea, having the full strategic support of Dubai Holding, is expected to transform the meaning and methods of future education, healthcare, converged media, boundless communication, financial services and integrated lifestyle. The sphere of this new city’s economic impact will cover 10s of thousands of new entities and 100s of thousands of new talent workers. Going beyond the technology of today, SmartCity Korea will help materialize the Intelligent Technology of Tomorrow and make it a livable component of a better life for the people of South Korea, the region, and to the rest of the world.