Françoise Nicolas

Director at Asia Center at French Institute of International Relations (IFRI)

Françoise Nicolas is a senior Researcher and Director of the Center for Asian Studies at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), Paris. She teaches at the National Institute of Oriental Studies (Langues’ O) and at the Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences Po, Paris). She is also an occasional consultant to the Directorate for Financial, Fiscal and Enterprise Affairs (DAF) of the OECD.

She holds a Ph.D in international economics (1991) and an MA in political science (1985) from the Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva, Switzerland). She has also studied at the University of Sussex (1980-81) and was a visiting fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore (1999) and at the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP) in Seoul (2004).

Her research focuses on development strategies in East Asia; FDI and growth; regional economic integration; emerging economies and globalization. Her latest publications include: « Economic regionalism in East Asia: The end of an exception? », in Tong Sarah (ed.), Trade, Investment and Economic Integration (Volume One: Globalization, Development and Security in East Asia), World Scientific Publishing, 2014; « China and Global Economic Order: A discreet yet undeniable contestation », Chinese Perspectives, No 2016/2, 2016.

프랑수와 니콜라는 프랑스국제관계연구소(IFRI) 수석연구원이며 아시아학문센터의 책임자이다. 그녀는 국립동방학연구소와 파리정치대학에서 강의하고 있다. 경제협력개발기구(OECD)의 자문 의원이기도 하다.

그녀는 국제 경제 박사학위 (1991년)와 정치학의 문학 석사 (1985년)를 국제 연구 대학원 (제네바, 스위스)에서 수여 받았다. 또한 그녀는 서식스대학교 (1980~1981년)에서 공부했고 싱가포르에 위치한 동남 아시아학 연구소(ISEAS)(1999년)와 서울에 위치한 대외경제정책연구원(2004년)의 방문 연구원을 지냈다.