Jim Clancy

Former Anchor at CNN / CEO & Founder at Clancynet

A Journalist for more than 40 years, Mr. Jim Clancy has won numerous awards for his coverage of stories in the United States and around the world. His list of interview subjects reads like a Who’s Who of our times. Mr. Clancy has worked for several American networks but, most notably, was one of the earliest faces on CNN, where he became the network’s first National Correspondent and went on to cover the world from posts in Beirut, Frankfurt, Rome and London. He initiated ‘Inside Africa,’ won a George Polk Award for his coverage of the Rwanda Genocide and FAO’s prestigious Boerma Award for his reporting on global hunger. In 1982, he covered the fall of Beirut and went on to record the rise of groups like Hezbollah. Mr. Clancy was on the front lines as a combat correspondent during the first Gulf War and one was one of the first journalists to report from Baghdad after the invasion of Kuwait. Jim was again among the first to enter Baghdad after the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s government in the second Gulf War and reported live on Iraq’s occupation and agony. In 1989, Jim followed the course of one nation after another rejecting Communism, from the streets of Prague and Romania to the tearing down of the Wall that once divided East from West in Berlin. As another round of revolutions criss-crossed the Middle East, Mr. Clancy won an Emmy Award for his Live Anchor Coverage of the resignation of Pres. Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Today, Mr. Clancy is CEO of his own Clancynet Media Consulting group and remains constantly in touch with the news and the people who report it around the world.