Keuk Soo Kim

Executive Managing Director of Korea International Trade Association

    The Korea International Trade Association(KITA) was established in 1946 with the objective of advancing the Korean economy through trade, and is currently the largest business organization in Korea with over 71,000 member companies. Representing the interests of Korea’s global traders, KITA serves a diverse range of roles including:
    providing hands-on support to trade companies, drawing trade cooperation from the private sector, formulating new trade strategies, nurturing trade professionals and building trade infrastructure. With a widely established network of 13 domestic offices and 10 overseas branches in major cities, KITA has consolidated its position as a leading business organization dedicated to assisting SMEs in gaining foreign market entry and has actively contributed towards Korea’s recent achievement of 1 trillion dollars in trade volume.

    한국무역협회 김극수 국제사업본부장은 루이지애나 주립대에서 경제학 석·박사 학위를 취득했다. 1987년 한국무역협회에서 근무를 시작하였으며 국제무역연구원의 동향분석실, 무역전략실을 거쳐 2008년-2011년 미국 한국상공회의소 부회장, 2011-2015년 한국무역협회 뉴욕지부장 등을 역임했다. 2016년에는 국제무역연구원장을 역임한 이후 현재는 국제사업본부장으로서 우리기업의 해외진출마케팅을 지원하고 있다.