Lee Sang Joon

Director of Institute of Eurasian Studies, Kookmin University

Dr. LEE Sang Joon is currently the Director of the Institute for Eurasian Studies and Professor of Dept. of Eurasian Studies of Kookmin University. He is elected president of the Korean Association of Slavic and Eurasian Studies in 2018, and serves as a secretary of Economy and Trade Committee of Korea-Russia Dialogue(KRD) Forum and as a lecturer of the Graduate School of International and Area Studies of HUFS. He earned a Ph.D. degree in economics from Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1999. He has been a visiting scholar of University of Washington in 2007, an Head of School of International and Area Studies of Kookmin University in 2012, and a visiting research fellow of the Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) in 2015. He has also served as an adviser to the Korea-Russia Business Council(KRBC), a chief editor of Journal of Slavic Studies, public relations director of Korea Society for Innovation Management & Economics. His recent articles include “Development of the Russian Far East and a Triangular Economic Cooperation among ROK-DPRK-RF” and other about 50 articles and 10 newspaper columns.

The Institute of Eurasian Studies (IES), since it was established in 2005, has been strenuously accumulating academic achievements concerned with political, economic, and cultural dynamics of the Eurasian region. The IES now plays a key role in the Eurasian studies community in Korea, conducting various research projects supported by several institutions including the National Research Foundation of Korea. Besides, the IES has successfully consolidated cooperative relationships with several major institutions and scholars abroad. The IES, a premier area studies institute in Korea, aspires to be one of internationally recognized research institutions in Eurasian studies in the world. The IES is also prepared to serve as a think-tank dealing with various issues on the Eurasian region.

이상준 박사는 현재 국민대 유라시아 연구소 소장이며 유라시아학과 교수이다. 2018년도 한국슬라브유라시아학회 회장으로 선출되었고, 한러대화(KRD) 포럼 경제통상분과 간사위원, 한국외대 국제지역대학원 외래 교수를 겸하고 있다. 1999년 러시아 과학아카데미 IMEMO에서 경제학 박사학위를 취득했으며, 2007년 University of Washington 초빙교수, 2012년 국민대학교 국제학부장, 2015년 삼성경제연구소 초빙연구위원을 역임하였다. 또한 한러비즈니스협의회 자문위원, 한국슬라브유라시아학회 편집이사, 기술경영경제학회 홍보위원장 등을 역임했다. 발표논문 및 기고문으로는 “러시아 극동개발과 남북러 3각협력” 외 약 50편이 있고, “유라시아 친선특급을 타고 통일로”외 약 10건의 신문 칼럼이 있다.