Matthew Putman

CEO at Nanotronics Imaging

Matthew Putman is the CEO of Nanotronics, a company that is revolutionizing industry by combining Super-resolution, AI and robotics to make the worlds most advanced microscope. Matthew holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Columbia University. He has published over 30 papers and holds 12 patents for his work on devices, instrumentation, and software processes. Matthew is the Chairman of the Board for Pioneer Works in Brooklyn where he helps bring creative visionaries from many disciplines together to ignite novel new creations. Matthew is a jazz pianist and published poet as well as having been involved as an Executive Producer on several films and plays.

Nanotronics helps their customers improve yield, reduce footprint and scrap, and iterate on their processes faster.  We automate industrial microscopes used for inspection of the world’s smallest technologies: semiconductors, microchips, hard drives, LEDs, nano-fillers, nanotubes, and more. nSpec® is an integrated part of production processes at many of the world’s leading manufacturers. nSpec® is powered by advanced computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence software analyzers to deliver maximum value and capability at lower cost.