Yung Chul Park

Distinguished Professor of International Studies at Korea University

Dr. Yung Chul Park is a distinguished professor in the division of international studies, Korea University. He previously served as the chief economic adviser to the President of Korea (1987-1988), as president of the Korea Development Institute (1986-1987), and as president of the Korea Institute of Finance (1992-1998). He also worked for the International Monetary Fund (1968-1974), where he is currently serving as an adviser for the Asia-Pacific department. He has written and edited several books including The Korean Economy from a Miraculous Past to a Sustainable Future with Eichengreen, Lim, and Perkins (Harvard University Asia Center 2015), Monetary and Financial Cooperation in East Asia (Co-edited with Kawai and Wyplosz. Oxford university press 2015).

박영철 고려대 석좌교수는 대통령 경제수석비서관(1987~1988년)과 한국개발연구원 원장(1986~1987년), 한국금융연구원장(1992~1998년)을 지냈다. 국제통화기금(IMF)에서 경제조사관을 역임(1968~1974년)하였으며 현재 아태지역 고문으로 활동하고 있다. 저서로는 ‘한국경제: 기적적인 과거에서 지속가능한 미래까지’와 ‘동아시아 금융통화 통합’이 있다.