Raymond Chun Hing Lo

Co-founder and Former CTO of Meta

Raymond Lo is currently the CEO & Founder of (To Be Announced), an open platform for people to fast iterate on the development of augmented reality (AR) eyeglasses with open hardware design and open source software. In addition, Raymond is the key member leading the Humanistic Intelligent Foundation, a non-profit organization which brings top scientists, researchers, and industry leaders together on wearable eyeglasses development. In prior to these works, Raymond is the co-founder and former CTO of Meta (http://www.metavision.com), a company in Silicon Valley that has raised $73 million for their pioneering development of augmented reality eyeglasses with 3D gesture input and 3D stereoscopic display. This next-generation wearable computing technology, which is the result of his PhD research, has been featured extensively in news media, CNN, MIT News, CNET, Bloomberg, and Forbes magazine, and top conferences such as TED, SIGGRAPH, Hello Tomorrow, and Tencent Summit. For the past 10 years, Raymond dedicated his career to creating a new form of computing that pushes our sensory capability, particularly with the human eye, and improves our everyday life through AR digital eyeglasses.  During his PhD, Raymond worked with Prof Steve Mann, who is widely recognized as the father of wearable computing. Together, they published and presented papers at leading conferences, including the ACM, SIGGRAPH and IEEE conferences, on real-time high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, augmented reality, and digital eyeglasses.  He recently co-authored a book titled OpenGL Data Visualization Cookbook with his brother, William Lo.