Roni Einav

Chairman at Einav Hi Tec Assets / Author of "Nordau to NASDAQ"

    Mr. Roni A. Einav started his business activities in the 1970s by founding Einav Systems, a consulting and computer services company. In the 1990s he branched out to entrepreneurship in the Israeli high tech industry, established Einav Hi Tec Assets, an investment company focused on technology ventures, and is currently active as its Chairman.

    Mr. Einav initiated and encouraged the founding of over thirty venture investments. The best known among them are New Dimension Software (listed on NASDAQ and acquired by BMC Software), Jacada (listed on NASDAQ) , Liraz Computers (later part of  Blue Phoenix, listed on NASDAQ), Axxana, CrediView, Panoramic Power, ComDa, Eurekify (acquired by Computers  Associates), Peak Dynamics, VNT Software, Octopai, TestCraft, Nutrisher, SmarterTV and White Source. He, usually, continues to support the development of these companies as director and/or chairman.

    Teaching classes in entrepreneurship and decisions making, allowed Mr. Einav to share his expertise with new generations of budding entrepreneurs. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Industrial Engineering, and a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from the Technion Institute, Haifa, Israel. He wrote a book about his career, basically up to 2000. See; “…the natural sequel to Start-Up Nation”. The  book is available in with  English, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic  and Hebrew editions; Roni is married to Matia , has 4 sons and 11 grandchildren. His free time is devoted to books reading, biking, tracking and travelling. Einav Hi Tec Assets, is an investment company focused on technology ventures, mostly in Israel and USA.

    Usually we invest in the first investment rounds of a company and advice, in Board level, how to complete the development successfully and penetrate markets with the products effectively. Most of the investments are related to software and systems software particularly. We have a network of investors in Israel, China, USA and more that join our ventures and our success ratio is impressive. If needed we have the experience to go public [Nasdaq as an example], or privatize a public company that was public [Nasdaq as an example also], but most of our companies stay private.