Sung Woo Kim

Regional Head of Asia Pacific at KPMG Climate Change & Sustainability Division

Environment & Sustainability expert with 23 years of professional experience from consulting, industry, and research organizations in strategy, investment, and policy well aligned with educational background of environment & business. KPMG consulting experience as Asia Pacific regional head of Climate Change & Sustainability in leading regional network of 12 countries. POSCO(a global steel maker) industry experience in environment & energy business development & investment. An external expert for Green Climate Fund, IETA Board Member, a member of high level Gov. Committees, and an adjunct professor of Seoul National University with frequent publications, media exposure, speech at global conferences with teaching in executive MBAs based on comprehensive experience from corporate to consulting, engineering to financing, public to private, and industry to academy. He earned a MS in Environmental Eng. from Duke University and PhD in Business from aSSIST.

글로벌 회계컨설팅 회사인 KPMG에서 기후변화 및 지속가능성 부문의 아시아 12개 국가를 총괄하며 관련 분야 기업 및 정부를 자문하는 23년 경력의 에너지환경 전문가다. 포스코에서 에너지환경투자를 담당했었다. 한국인 최초로 세계은행 외부자문위원 및 IETA 이사로 위촉되었고, 녹색기후기금 외부기술전문위원 등을 맡고 있다. 서울대학교 겸임교수로 서울대/KAIST 등 최고위과정 강사로 활동하고 있으며, 주요 저서 및 기고로 기후변화대응을 위한 이해관계자 분석(2010), 탄소경영(2013), HBR Korea Commentary on Sustainability(2014), Devex article on Clean tech(2015), 기후변화와 비즈니스전략(2015) 등이 있다. 그는 Duke대학에서 환경공학 석사학위를 aSSIST대학원에서 경영학박사 학위를 받았다.