Lei Wang

President at Shanghai Happiness Nine Pension Investment Group

Lei Wang (William), the President of “Shanghai Happiness Nine Pension Investment Group” has been at the helm of this group since its founding. His foresight and leadership have kept the company on track and increasingly omnipresent in the Chinese pension industry. William has been the recipient of many awards and acknowledgements such as ‘2015 Forbes China 30 under 30 award’ ‘Honorary South Korea chungcheong provincial governor’ ‘China Korea Young Leaders Association, Greater China Chairman’ ‘Shandong University Masters Program Mentor’ ‘Top 10 Shandong Entrepreneurs in Shanghai’

“Shanghai Happiness Nine Pension Investment Group” is creating China’s “Internet+Pension”  brand model , Via online shopping mall, in-home care services, and elderly leisure parks; these three platforms fully meet the needs of the elderly, providing services in leisure, entertainment, shopping, health, social, physical and spiritual needs. Using an O2O (Online to Offline) business model to fully leverage the pension industry, Happiness Nine has already opened over 100 leisure parks, and over 3000 community service centers. The online shopping mall currently offers over one thousand products and has already provided pension services for tens of millions of Chinese families. Happiness Nine adheres to one principal, “Allow all elderly people to be Happy and Healthy” as well as our core mission, which is to “Build the worlds largest senior care organization” committing ourselves to these principals creates customer first, people oriented core values filled with integrity, unity, dedication, diligence and innovation. We strive to give a happy life to all people.