Chuang Wei

CEO and founder of Xingkeduo(Beijing)beauty salons Co., Ltd.

    Willy Chuang once studied in The University of British Columbia and Renmin University of China. He went into business and set up mobile accessories brand Justwell, becoming the first mover of mobile accessories in the smart phone era. He decided to start a business again in 2014 and started XINGKEDUO in early 2015.After starting the XINGKEDUO, I firmly believe that information and data should enter the service process. If it does, we will enlarge our size, while if it does not, we will just be a traditional hair salon. XINGKEDUO is devoted to changing the beauty industry and improving the life of craftsmen by internet tools, a well-chosen store layout and craftsmen with consistent standards.

    XINGKEDUO is the first company in mainland China which combines the hairdressing with internet technology, where clients could order online, conduct queue reservation in the cloud and then enjoy the service in the shops. We will provide the professional modeling guidance according to the hairstyle, habit and preference every time collected by systems. Currently, XINGKEDUO provides haircut modeling, planning guidance service of individual style and retail services. The core idea of XINGKEDUO is “be the best you are”in order that clients could conveniently achieve the pure service of beauty industry with professional technology, online system which is smooth and easy to use and convenient store layout.